How It All Began

Horses have been Taragh Bracken’s passion every since she was a child. Due to the fact that they lived in the outskirts when she was a child Bracken had the opportunity of assisting a local riding stable. During these moments of service she had the opportunity to interact with the horses and understand them on a personal level. She groomed, cleaned and fed them therefore the horses developed a loyalty and admiration for Taragh Bracken. When she was old enough to actually have a job she decided, to work for a horse riding establishment where she worked for a few years and spent most of her time and vacation days as well as her time off there. The more Bracken worked at the establishment for horse riding the more her desire to own her own horse some day increased. She finally purchased a horse as soon as she became of age and named her horse Princess Taragh as she said that the horse reminded her of herself. She has owned Prince Taragh for a very long time and has not allowed anyone to ride the horse as she is very protective of her. Having owned Princess Taragh for multiple years and experiencing the joy and peace felt when her horse would give out a loud neigh every time she would see her, motivated her to do something in general for the horses within Ontario. Bracken knew that saving the horses around the world would be overly ambitious and somewhat unrealistic. She did however feel strongly in her heart that something had to be done for the horses that were suffering in the province of Ontario due to negligence and sometimes ignorance on the owners part. She realized that the only way of truly making an impact in the lives of the suffering horses was to create a centre for relief and shelter for the horses that have been through trauma. Prior to actually making the centre official for horses Bracken had already rescued between 5 to 10 horses and was successfully able to gain full rights to the horse and own them in their farm land. The more she rescued horses, the more she saw the great need for such a service in Ontario. She noticed that cruelty was more apparent with domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and more but with horses it was subtle and easily swept under the rug. With the knowledge that would have been obtained through her law degree in Ireland Bracken was convinced that she’d need to be an advocate for the animal that she loved so dearly as they had no voice of their own. She purchased a 50 acre farm land and started to build a home where she would live in, as well as a home for her horses to live.

The Allbright Equestrian Centre

Though it is still a working process the main buildings such as her home and the barn have been built completely. When people within the community got a better understanding of what she stood for and what it was that she was trying to accomplish they all joined in and contributing towards the success and establishment of her business. Taragh Bracken named her horse rescue centre the All Bright Equestrian Centre. It is currently not registered as a non profit organization as to this date Bracken still receives a lot of donations from inside and even outside of the community to support the cause. Bracken also trains other horse lovers to get a more in-depth understanding of horses. Bracken offers classes to the public about how to care for horses; the whole grooming and feeding process, how to ride a horse and what type of clothing to wear when on a horse. Educating the public about how to care for a horse in order to avoid animal cruelty was one of the main projects that she had in mind when she decided to create this centre and she is doing the most that she can to keep her clients informed at all times. Given the fact that she volunteered at a horse facility when she was younger she is also giving other young people the opportunity to volunteer at her now established facility. Bracken has approximately 15 volunteers that come to the centre every day to care for the horses. She received great joy and satisfaction knowing that she is giving back to the community whiles enhancing the mindset of the generation to come one volunteer at a time. The All Bright Equestrian Centre currently owns 68 horses including Princess Taragh that bracken still cares and loves dearly. Thought it is sometimes not easy during the winter months due to the weather conditions Bracken still persists, knowing that she is doing what she loves. The All Bright Equestrian Centre rescue horses from auctions that occur within the community , take in unwanted and misbehaved horses as well as horses that have purposely been treated brutally by their owner. Bracken is a care giver for horses and has dedicated her life to rehabilitating the horses in order to be able to stand on their own feet and gain the independence that they need. A number of services are offered here at the All Bright Equestrian Centre such as livery services, hydrotherapy and even a mechanical horse for visitors to ride on. Taragh Bracken has dedicated her life to strengthening and establishing horses. When asked how someone can be so cruel towards such majestic and beautiful creatures of God Bracken will always respond by saying; ” The same way someone would inflict pain and torture to a human, dog, a cat or some type of domestic animal . The possibility to purchase a horse is also available at her establishment but the buyer would need to go through a series of questionnaires as well as legal documentation in order to be sure that the horse will not be exposed to bad conditions. Before Bracken gets rid of the horse she first needs to ensure that the horse has fully recovered and that it will not react or return to its old way. Like a rehabilitation centre there are ways for experts such as Taragh Bracken to know whether the horse has been pretending all along or whether a true change has taken affect.

Horse Riding Abilities

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