About Us

At All Bright Equestrian Centre we have a great team of hard working employees that are dedicated to caring and loving the horses that are very dear to our hearts. With the same passion and values that Taragh Bracken has the employees join hands in order to help the horses to come out of whatever situation they found them in. Some horses come through severe cases of trauma and neglect therefore they need to ensure that the horse completely recovers to its natural state.  Here are a mention of some of the  dedicated employees that we have come to love and cherish so much.

Lily Brenard

Has been with the company for 7 years now. What turned from bringing her children for a  simple pony ride later on became a passion that she is deciding to stick with for the rest of her existence. Given the fact that she joined the company based on client experience she is well knowledgeable about the opinion that clients would have about such facilities and therefore will be able to give more extensive information. She was a customer service representative for many years therefore has had a lot of experience within the trade.

Stephanie Leighton

Specializes in training horses and has therefore received the chairman position at the ABEC Training department position.

Dominique Lavale

She has been working within the field for 10 years. She works with children and adults that have some basic knowledge on how to ride a horse but need more as their students usually end up being champions within their region.

There are employees that take care of keeping the yard nice and tidy, as well as some employees that ensure that the barns are fully equipped with sufficient food for the horses. The employees that take care of the administrative aspect of the company also answer and place calls as well as attend to potential customers.

Taragh Bracken also gets in the mix and gets her hands dirty! Though she has been doing this for years she still has the same passion, joy and zeal that she had when she first opened up the establishment. She is a backup for most of the department as she ensure that all the departments are well coordinated and the procedures and policies are well implimented.

In the event that you are looking at purchasing a horse we are completely committed to offering excellent horse care services that would fit your individual needs as well.  The horses and ponies offered at our facilities are very well trained. We usually will put them through an extensive training where they will receive all the qualifications required. You may test them out first or go on a ride with them for some time in order to gage how you feel and see if there is a bond or connection between yourself and the horse.

It is important that a connection is made between the owner and the horse and that a trusting relationship is built . We also give you our input and advise regarding the your selection but ultimately it is your decision to make.