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Horses are very beautiful creatures and have been known in the past as majestic mammals that are very much cherished and appreciated in certain cultures. It has not always been this way though. Unfortunately back in our forefathers days horses were actually hunted for food just as we hunt pork or caw for their meat. A theory to that is that it was predominantly used by the Indo-European settlers that lived close to certain mountainous areas which consisted mainly of horses. Regardless of the reason we are very thankful that this practice is no more. Though horse meat is still eaten by certain societies it is not the only thing on menu now days!

Somewhat like the relationship of a dog to a human the relationship of the horse to humans is also very close and special. A dog owner interacts with his or her dog as a parent would interact with their child. They give it all the love and support that anyone would typically give to a human. It is sometimes hard to believe the love and devotion that a person could have to an animal but it is very possible as it happens on a regular basis. Animals have feelings just as we do! They can speak (not understandable) , they can cry they can laugh and more! They should not be neglected as they have the ability to bring joy and peace to humans just as we also have the ability to bring them joy and peace. Though horses are bigger and thus cannot be brought around on a leash with space and lots and lots of food then can be an excellent pet for anyone! Horses are very lovable creatures and when treated with loyalty and dignity will give back the same feeling.

When men went to battle in times of old they would usually ride on a stallion that would ensure to go to battle with them regardless. They were most proud when they returned from war with their stallion standing by their side as they knew that there were victorious and that their horse also survived the battle. The horse could have been attacked and killed as well during the war so when a soldier and horse return to their city or town knowing that they made it alive and well, it is a moment of triumph for them. Horses were so loyal back during battle that they would defend their masters.

Knowing and understanding the power and beautify of horses was not difficult for horse specialist and trainer Taragh Bracken as she grew up in that environment. This is predominantly what motivated her to create the Allbright Equestrian Centre as she became very aware of the horses that were going through trauma on a regular basis and wanted to help We are always here to help and we love to hear from you. There sometimes is a lot of information to gather at one time and our students sometimes feel overwhelmed at the beginning but with time and lots of practice you can perfect your horse riding skills as well as to develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation for horses.