Taragh Bracken Uncovers The Psychic Nature Of Cats

Ever wondered whether your cat had psychic powers? Taragh Bracken has seen her barnyard cat stare into the distance, grappled by the knowledge that something otherworldly was capturing their attention. Some people who aren’t big believers of the paranormal may just swipe the thought away, stating that the sweet kitten was only looking at the wall. Others have had eerie experiences that will make you think twice about what exactly your feline is staring out.

Stories That Make You Think Twice

The Man on the Arm Chair

Take the cat who was continuously staring at an arm chair, the same arm chair that Jessie’s husband used to sit down to read the newspaper or watching television. Even more strangely, the cat was looking closely at the exact position where her husband used to rest his head–almost as if he were right there, with them in spirit.

Invisible Footsteps

Another individual stated that their cat would strangely look up the stairs, moving their head up and down as though they were following someone’s ascension and descent from the steps. The same beloved cat would often stare at the ceiling of only one specific room for no reason. Then one day, while the caretaker was in the room with her cat, they both her loud stomping from above the ceiling–the impression that an invisible being was amongst them.

A Cat’s Psychic Capabilities

A study that was first initiated in the 1930s discovered that cat’s do have unusual investigating extrasensory perception, as though it is their sixth sense. It is believed that cats are able to know exactly when their caretakers would arrive home from a long trip, as well as detect ahead of time whether they or their cat family would encounter danger. Their telepathic powers extend as far as to knowing whether their caretakers are dead or hurt–no matter where the happening occurred.

Cats Visual Perceptions

Psychic abilities aside, both cats and dogs are able to see approximately six to eight times more light sensory waves than the human eye. Cats are inquisitive by nature, perhaps one of the reasons they demonstrate erratic behaviour more than dogs. If you notice that your cat is looking out at a particular dark corner for an extended period of time, then they are trying to figure out what they are looking at and decipher whether there is a threat. Be respectful to this notion, and perhaps play along with your cat by taking a flashlight to the dark corner and propping your ear up to the wall to figure out whether there is something to be worried about. Show your furry pet that they are safe and that they should not worry.

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