Our Services

At All Bright Equestrian Centre we offer horse back ride for both males and females starting at the age of at least four until about eighty, but we would not refuse an 85 year old male or female that wants to try! Quality service and tuition is offered by our institution as we always strive to ensure that the best is given to our customers at all times. Taragh Bracken will ensure that the classes are as fun and innovative as possible to keep the client involved and intrigued.
Your safety as well as the safety of our horses are very important to us therefore we provide you with the proper equipment required for your training. We will always keep an eye on you! Do not ever think that we have abandoned you or that we are not paying attention as we are constantly overlooking our clients as well as the horses to make sure that everything is going on well. Our horses are also very well trained as they have gone through years of training themselves before even coming close to our clients. We can also accommodate you for last minute bookings in the event that you just want to test out the training services for a few minutes. The hours are very flexible and so our the days but for a full session it is always a good idea to contact us at least twenty four to forty hours prior to your appointment in order to ensure that the slot is available. There is also an additional ten percent offered on the ticket price when it is a more than one infant registration.

We do not discriminate based on your past skills when it comes to riding a horse. You may have little to no experience regarding horse back riding but it does not matter, we are here to help as it is all a working progress. When you do call to book an appointment a member of our staff will however ask you what your level is when it comes horse back riding to know what horse to match you up with as well as who your instructor should be. Most instructors have completely different methods of teaching that suit different needs so it is important to know how efficient you are when it comes to horse back riding. The adult horse back riding students will receive assessment in order to truly determine where their level of expertise is found. Some people will select that they are beginners when the trainer would give the intermediate based on the perceived skills. We will book an appointment with you at some point and time and then confirm it with you by email as well.

We also offer a variety of courses and activities during different times of the week in order to encourage our young horse riders. You may always request for a calendar for those activities online or ask for a copy at the reception desk. Do not be afraid that you have never ridden before , our specialist are well trained to cater to all the needs of their clients.